Luti Media join forces with Ross Anderson and Lemonade

Luti Media, renowned for making award-winning music videos for some of the world’s greatest artists, has expanded its portfolio to commercials and content films with equal flair. Drake, Kanye, Beyonce and Rita Ora are just some of the artists Luti Media has made incredible music videos for, and now they are entering adland.

Luti Media’s directors are some of the biggest in the game. Director X has made a huge name for himself in the states and made work with some of the top artists, one of which starring Drake has amounted to a staggering 1.4 billion views on Youtube.

Director X is one of a list of incredible directors, including Daps and Lil Internet, that can show different dimensions of the artists we listen to.

Ross Anderson, former Creative Director at Universal Music and founder of Nice & Polite has now taken the reigns of Executive Producer of Luti Media.

Since its establishment in Luti Fagbenle’s mother’s kitchen in 2006, Luti Media has been nominated and won a collection of prestigious global awards, including an MTV VMA, BAFTA and a MOBO Award to name a few.

Luti Media’s ability to draw from trends resonating with today’s youth culture are what make Luti Media so distinguished around the world. They do this by not only producing the hottest new work by established directors in the industry, but also by discovering and nurturing new talent with fresh ideas when it comes to music, fashion and film.

We can now expect Luti Media’s dynamic and urban feel in commercials. Having already worked with brands such as Beats by Dre, Adidas, Nike, Redbull, Alexander Wang, Microsoft and Ferarri, we're excited to be working with them in their next chapter.

Check out their website to view more work at LUTMEDIA.COM