Watch MPC Creative's Gem

What do you get when you cross a world leading supplier of coloured gemstones with the incredible minds at MPC Creative? The answer is exactly what you think - A visual masterpiece.

Teaming up with Adam and Eve London, these lively ornaments come to life after the gallery has closed for the night.  This ad is filled with vibrant and playful characters such as a geometric rhino and a Picasso like art piece. The cast add some personality to the ad, encompassing Gemfields slogan of ‘Every stone has a story.’ 

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 12.25.35.png

The mesmerising campaign has taken the world by storm, popping up all around London and New York, not to mention 5 stars on David Reviews.

Gemfields specialises in the mining and marketing of emeralds, rubies and amethysts from some of the finest sources in the world. This new spot by MPC Creative continues their groundbreaking work in creativity and diversity. Previously, they’ve worked for clients such as Hulu, Rubicon, John Lewis and Palace Skateboards. 

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