Experiential Agency and Production Company HELO joins Lemonade for Representation

HELO is an award-winning immersive experience studio who represent production designers, installation and digital artists and film directors. HELO is a unique meeting of a film production company and experiential creative agency who develop both original and campaign work. 

Their creators, each with their own special skills, offer the advertising world imaginative ways to connect with their audience. 

Jeff Tremaine, both HELO film director and partner of the company, created a television series that became a cultural phenomenon with Johnny Knoxville, known around the world as, Jackass! Jeff is known for his incredible real-time shoots with real people. 

Ethan Tobman, one of the most sought after production designers in Hollywood is also on their roster. He designed the intricate and innovative set for the Academy award-winning movie Room.

KK Barret, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Production Design for his futurist looking the film HER, builds worlds in which brand narratives can live both on-screen and stage. KK is most known for his work with renowned film directors, Spike Jonze and Sophia Coppola.

Sebastian Kite, a UK installation artist using architecture, treats brands as a material, and their essence as structure, light and sound, to translate brand messages into a physical narrative within space. Sebastian has worked with brands such as Adidas, Hermes, Bells and American Airlines. 

HELO have created immersive experiences for clients such as Puma, Virgin and Samsung, some of which involves totally transforming environments to offer experiences that are out of this world.

Corin West, the founder of Lemonade, says ‘HELO and their team of creators offer modern integrated creative agencies and forward-thinking brands a chance to connect with their audience at a real emotive and human level. They create tangible experiences through immersive theatre, stunts, technology and design that are genuinely pioneering. They then make awesome film content to give their campaigns global reach.

HELO offers the best experience for your brand. They don’t just make films, they create new realities; for you to not just watch, but live.