FABLEfx Create a spellbinding Dragon for Com Hem

In past, you’ve seen the incredible minds at FABLEfx create hyper-realistic CGI animals such as Sloths, Bears, Pandas and Squirrels. Now, FABLEfx has taken a step into the mythical realm by creating a Dragon for Com Hem.

They partnered up with Indio Films and M&C Saatchi to create this incredible spot. A first time creating a dragon from the studio, CEO Kaj Steveman said:

”This was extra fun for us to create since we got to design a fantasy creature from the ground up. With some references and not more than a week we made this photorealistic character. The agency sent us a letter of gratitude saying that they never anticipated it to become this good, that it even surpassed the Game of Thrones dragons. The also asked for a big poster of it to hang on their wall at M&C Saatchi. - We at FABLEfx could not be happier!”

FABLEfx has proven they can bring any creature to life. If you want a mythical creature or a hyper-realistic animal for your next project. Get in touch!