Luti Media’s Lil Internet directs Adidas Yung Series Spot

Lil Internet has created this retro and brash spot for Adidas, encompassing the gritty feel of New York’s young urban scene into a 40-second film.
Filed with attitude, style and of course the Yung Series Shoes from Adidas, Lil Internet directs and edits a retro talk show where the characters display their shoes with a raw authentic feel, engaging the viewer from start to finish.

“For this spot I wanted to channel a pre-social media NYC, when boredom wasn't immediately alleviated by smartphones, when you had to invent ways of having fun- whether legal or not.  I've always loved the unexpected moments and actions that result from the boredom of the young...  Climbing on cars, pranking security guards, sneaking into abandoned apartments (in this case that happen to be formerly occupied by Willem DeKooning), one glove boxing, "shower parties," PUNK!”

“No "real" models were used, and as a result we got real interactions. I'm proud of being able to create a dynamic with the cast that let them ignore the crew and be themselves.  In a time when clients all ask for both "authenticity" and detailed storyboards, I believe my approach allows this seemingly contradictory process fulfil its intention.  The YUNG Series Show feels both real, and spectacular.”

- Lil Internet

American raised, Berlin Based Lil Internet has created music videos for Beyonce, Iggy Azalea and spots for brands such as Apple and Vogue. Take a look at more of his work by clicking here.