Head-turning, mouthwatering, food filming.


'Food Hall is rapidly expanding its creative food filming provision and what better collaboration than with Lemonade Reps who will be spreading the word about our beautiful food films. We are delighted to be partnering with their experienced team.’

- Jason Underhill, Executive Producer at Foodhall

Our mouths are watering, our stomachs rumbling, and our hearts soaring -- we are excited to announce that Food Hall is joining Lemonade Reps!

Food Hall are the Rock n Roll Food Guys who make boozy, dynamic, and quite literally explosive films that grab your attention.


Food and beverage commercials require a certain level of skill to execute perfectly. Food Hall’s specialism is exactly that, they offer the whole package of film and photography and create incredible, food films.

Food Hall’s specialism has no limit, from food and beverage content jobs on social media to high-end glossy commercials with celebrity chefs. They deliver the full package.

They’ve worked on national and international food and drink campaigns with some of the world’s favourite food and drink companies, including McDonald’s, Heinz, Lipton, and Grey Goose.

Whether it’s videos or stills, Food Hall’s super talented team consistently creates innovative and rich work. Using extreme close-ups and editing choices perfectly chosen to capture the mood, such as slow-motion or fast-forward, Food Hall captures the richness of every product they work with.

The beauty in all of Food Hall’s work lies in their ability to perfectly capture the different layers and textures of the food and drinks they film in vivid detail. They add a sense of story, of fun, of lightness, painting a picture of a food experience that goes beyond just mere taste. The flavour and excitement jumps out of the screen in every piece they create.

From shooting precision table-top photos to creating exciting hip editorials, all of us at Lemonade Reps (and our stomachs) can’t wait for their next eye-catching, creative work.

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