What happens when you take American Psycho writer, Brett Easton Ellis, and give him free reign to rewrite and direct a modern take on Figaro? A darkly debauched, humorous and brilliantly executed film.

Figaro, the short film written and directed by Ellis recently picked up acclaim winning Gold at the Kinsale Sharks for International Branded Content and Entertainment. 

The Devil You Know, ( produced the film for the Paris Opera for the Opera's Troisieme Scene, a digital platform that gives creatives a chance to showcase their work. 

In the film, all set to music from "The Barber of Seville," a nervous young opera singer (played by actor Philip Rhys) loses his voice during an opera audition. As a result, he enters into a night of debauchery with a group of young people.  Only after experiencing life at its fullest does he confront his demons.  Faithful to his favourite themes, Ellis tackles internal conflict and what it takes to express your true self.  

“I was very flattered to be approached by the Paris Opera,” said Bret, “and surprised that they gave me so much freedom.  I wanted to do something slightly humorous and to play with the film medium against an opera track.  I don’t think it’s very dissimilar thematically from what I’m usually attracted to – there’s a bit of decadence at play here but the film doesn’t take itself too seriously.  There was an energy on the set that was infectious and funny and hopefully you can get that from watching Figaro.“

The Devil You Know is the Los Angeles based production company, represented by Corin West at Lemonade in London, the UK, and Amsterdam. TDYK is also home to directors Ben Younger (Bleed for This, Boiler Room), Cokau and Alex Hanson.