Burning Reel Blast Off Into Space With Enter Shikari

Burning Reel and Kristian Young produced and directed the video for Enter Shikari's new song 'The Sights'. With the help of Burning Reel, Enter Shikari become 'the first band in space'. That is until things start to go wrong. What starts as an ambitious creative vision turns in to a botched PR stunt, resulting in a frustrated Enter Shikari giving a knockout performance.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.58.22.png

On a tight budget, Burning Reel, Kristian Young and Oscar-winning set builders Cod Steaks have turned a great idea into in a playful and satirical music video. Director Kristian Young had the following to say of the shoot. 'As the track plays out, the set falls apart and we switched to and from BTS, improvising a lot of the scenes we captured some genuinely funny moments.'

You can see more of Kristian's work here.

Haters will say it's staged...