Burger's Matt Huntley Directs Hilarious Short Titled 'Lobsters'

Burger director Matt Huntley directed a new comedy short, 'Lobsters'. The hilarious film tells the story of Mark and his beloved fellow caravaner Tanya, kind of. It's hard to elaborate without ruining it, so watch the film below.

The film got five stars from David Reviews, saying 'Huntley draws likeable performances from his cast; Orem makes a likeable if deluded protagonist; Terry Mynott’s Dave is a textbook tool; while Juliet Cowan’s Tanya is caught between suitors.' Read the rest of their review here.

Speaking on the story, Matt had the following to say,

'So many shorts (including some of my own) end up trying to tell a big story in a small time or end up just being a long sketch, so I really wanted to shoot something with an original structure/format. It was definitely designed to have a commercial feel- it’s told through vignettes, has a voice over and has beautiful photography whilst being set in a very common world. The idea for the story came from looking for an idea to set in that world of English seaside resorts that I grew up with and all the times I had weird crushes on complete strangers as a teenager.'

You can watch more of Matt's work here.


Writer/Director: Matt Huntley (Burger Films)

Producer: Simon Sanderson

Cinematographer: Matt Fox

Editor: James Wright