Jonah Hill's Head Makes a Pop in this Scary Palace X MPC Creative Spot

Palace and MPC Creative know that the spooky season never truly ends.

Punchy streetwear brand Palace Skateboards have teamed up again with the masterminds at MPC Creative for a new ad announcing their upcoming Japan launch.

Directed by Stuart Tanju, this scary spot features all the best kitschy and outlandish elements featured in horror movies, especially Japanese ones. Tanju adds a comedic, almost retro element to the ad, resulting in an on-brand piece that captivates the audience’s attention.

Perhaps if the bright pop-ups and multiple film cliches don’t capture your attention, Jonah Hill’s head might. What could have been your average gory image is turned into a cult classic-type moment with Hill’s ever-present sarcasm, Tanju’s excellent pacing as a director, and the bold special effects seen throughout the ad.

jonah hill blog.JPG

This spot further cements the bond between MPC Creative, Hill, and Palace. It marks Hill’s third collaboration with Palace, all of which have involved MPC Creative’s directorial handiwork. It’s also MPC Creative’s fourth ad for Palace in total. We hope they never stop collaborating.

Happy (belated) Halloween, from Lemonade, MPC Creative, and a decapitated Jonah Hill.