FABLEfx and Sudocrem Are Here to Soothe Your Worries

Life moves pretty fast -- so, FABLEfx is here to help you find some calm and serenity.

Sudocrem has just launched a new TV and digital campaign, collaborating with FABLEfx for its first TV ad. Hailed as Britain’s number one nappy cream, Sudocrem is centring their new campaign, their first one in 3 years, around the brand’s core essence: soothing.

Sudocream - FABLEfx 5.JPG

Directed by award-winning director Tim James Brown and featuring VFX by FABLEfx, the first “Soothing” ad stars three pandas gracefully practising Tai Chi amidst the beautiful scenery of a tranquil Japanese garden. Running for the entire summer on various TV channels and social media platforms, the ad features two different endings: one of a mother changing a baby’s nappy, and another of a father “soothing” his daughter’s cut with Sudocrem.

The message is simple: nothing soothes life’s burdens like a getaway in nature -- or like Sudocrem.

Founded in 2015 and specialising in VFX animals, FABLEfx was the perfect studio to collaborate with. Using the latest technology to build anything and everything their heart desires, FABLEfx has worked with clients such as VW, Ferrero, Nivea and most notably, ITV for their 2019 Dancing On Ice spot. Known for their “digital zoo,” FABLEfx prides themselves on hand picking the most skilled and efficient artists for the job - and it shows.

Sudocream - FABLEfx 3.JPG
Sudocream - FABLEfx 4.JPG

Striking the perfect balance between life-like and animated, the pandas appear aesthetically stunning, almost as if you, the viewer, were right there, witnessing a miracle of nature. Paired with the lifelike movements of your local Tai Chi group, however, it creates a comedic moment that is both surreal but also tranquil.

Sudocream - FABLEfx 1.JPG

When asked about the process of creating the ad, VFX and Animation Supervisor, Janak Thakkar indicated that “Right from the start, Tim put a lot of trust in [them] to create life-like pandas.” For such a soothing spot, they ensured that the pandas “looked plausible in terms of appearance and movement.” In terms of the whole process, Thakkar revealed that everyone on board “took great pride in making [the pandas] flow smoothly through the narrative.”

Was working on the spot as soothing as it seemed? Thakkar appears to agree: “It was hard to get stressed working on this project [considering] how relaxing the spot is!”

With the brand looking to re-establish their long-held market leadership, this bold new campaign is perfect in reinforcing the product’s unique property: the ability to soothe. Pairing with FABLEfx and using their VFX prowess ensures that their light-hearted, animated, and of course, soothing ad stays in people’s minds.