As a production company who produce an array of music videos, commercials and films, Levan is undoubtedly a superb fit for Luti Media with his prolific abilities. 

“Luti as a home felt instantly right for me, as I’m more of a story-driven director, I could recognise myself in Luti’s roster of the amazing directors. I’m super excited to join the team and look forward to a bright road ahead together with the Luti gang.” - Levan T

Best known for directing music videos for Avicii, in 2017 Levan directed and produced  'Avicii; True Stories.' The documentary went onto receive critical acclaim and qualified for the Oscars in the 'Best Documentary' category this year.

The acclaimed documentary is intensely honest, showcasing the pressures an in-demand superstar faces in the agony of 24/7 celebrity culture. As well as courageously displaying the vulnerability of the Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and superstar Avicii. 

The documentary reveals how an artist can continue to be compromised by a ravenous success-cycle even as they are trying to escape it, the numbing grind of ‘success for the sake of success,’ as Avicii himself once put it. Tim Bergling, known as Avicii died tragically at the age of 28, six months after the initial release of the documentary.

“Tim was the kind of artist who didn’t want to present something about himself that was false or try and hide things,” says Levan. “We knew each other’s honesty level, having worked together before. I feel that part of his legacy is how bravely he tried to deal with all the pressures on him. I finished the film more than a year before he passed - and even then - it was my hope it would help him and others who came after him.”  Levan T

Other accomplishments include his music video for Avicii’s song “Lonely Together”, featuring Rita Ora which won an MTV Video Music Award for 'Best Dance Music Video 2018.'

Leven grew up in a creative family well-versed in the strenuous arc of an artistic career. Which shows in his ambition a drive to do what he does. “A lot of my family have been in the arts – whether it be acting/directing/music or other creative pursuits. I know the good and the bad.”

Luti Media feels right at home for Levan T, there is no doubt the accomplished director will compliment Luti Media’s already impressive roster of talent. We are keen to see what these two will bring us in the near future.