Papaya Film’s Julia Rogowska’s Latest “Vanish”-ing Act

Vanish x Papaya 4.JPG

There is no better way to start your morning than with wearing clothes fresh from the laundry. Papaya Film’s Julia Rogowska captures the warm and bright mood with a colourful new spot for Vanish, the world’s #1 stain removal brand.

Filled with vivid colours and eye-catching graphics, Rogowska’s spot is fast-paced and fun, perfectly portraying the busy yet animated life of a young mom. Proving that not even the toughest stains are no match for Vanish, Rogowska opted to shoot the stain-removal sequences on-camera and in real time rather than using CGI and animation.

Such a technique is very in-line with Rogowska’s style of filming. A director who likes to be close to the action and to the actors, Rogowska lends her sense of humour and self-control to this spot that’s bursting with energy and life. Known for her trademark creative ideas, Rogowska has worked for major brands such as Virgin Mobile, Pepsi, and Microsoft, and even earned herself a Silver & Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions along the way.

Vanish x Papaya 3.JPG
Vanish x Papaya 5.JPG

With this latest spot for Vanish, Rogowska continues to shine and bring her rich and engaging vision to the commercial world. Check it out below!